The Best Perennials for Fall Blooms in Denver, Colorado

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As summer’s last stages and fall approaches, gardens can sometimes appear rumpled. Utilizing plants that blossom, produce brilliantly colored fruit, or have vibrant foliage color in late summer and fall is a terrific way to maintain the appearance of your garden.

Choosing the ideal perennial can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner gardener. To simplify things for you, we have compiled a list of the best perennials for your Denver  garden:

  • Anemone   

Anemones are an excellent choice for the shadier portions of your landscaping. Although they are not as drought-resistant as the other plants on this list, they thrive with afternoon shade and moderate water.

  • Tall Sedums 

Sedum is cultivated for its distinctively fleshy foliage. Tall Sedums are available in various shapes, including erect and groundcover varieties. It is a dependable, resilient, and simple-to-grow perennial. Star-shaped flowers are typically arranged in clusters or sprays that change color frequently throughout their blooming period.

  • Hummingbird Flower

The Hummingbird Mint or Hyssop is an ideal addition to any hummingbird garden and landscaping. The varieties of the mint family produce brilliant, fragrant, and long-blooming flower clusters.

  • Furman’s Red Salvia

The Salvia genus contains many unique and beautiful plants that make outstanding additions to your low-water landscaping. We have praised Furman’s Red Salvia numerous times, and it never fails to enthrall us with its lovely profusion of red blooms that cover these plants from summer heat to fall frost. 

Essentially, Furman’s Red Salvia is not as hardy as other plants. Therefore, plant it in a warm microclimate area, considering it is only hardy to zone 6. 

  • Blanket flower 

Although blanket flowers bloom abundantly in the summer, they do so well into the fall, giving their vivid yellow, orange, and red hues to the short autumn days.

  • Goldenrod

The Goldenrod depicts Solidago rugosa’ Fireworks.’ Who would object to these explosions in their autumn landscape? This native plant from North America adorns your landscape with several panicles of brilliant yellow flowers. Although it is not as drought-resistant as some plants, it is adaptable to most circumstances in Colorado. 

  • Asters

Asters are simple to cultivate and are popular among gardeners, both as perennials and annuals in warm areas. The plants enliven the yard in late summer and autumn by providing late-season nectar necessary for pollinators. Their star-shaped flower heads are colored in various hues, from purple to white to blue.

  • Cabbage 

These decorative varieties bring luster to your fall garden. They are annuals but bloom for months until a severe frost. You can also select ornamental and culinary kinds that bring brilliant green, purple, and white hues to your autumn landscape. The best part is that a touch of ice can intensify their shade.

  • Coneflowers 

Coneflowers are common in many flower gardens. At all times, butterflies and bees are near these magnificent perennials. This sun-tolerant perennial flower is simple to cultivate and produces gorgeous purple flowers. The plant has a towering backdrop or repeating rows of large, frequently six-inch-wide, violet daisy-like flowers. The sturdy stalks rarely require staking or bending to retain an upright position.

  • Plumbago

Plumbago plants are valued for their profusion of blue phlox-like flowers, considering it produces the flowers for long periods. The plumbago thrives in hardiness zones of between 9 and 11. Always consider the area you are planting plumbago plants as they need plenty of room to thrive.

Best Perennials in Denver: Nick’s Garden Center 

Even with the many climates and hardiness zones of Colorado, the perennial plants and flowers on this list can sustain this type of environment. While some perennials do better than others depending on your location within the state, most of these perennials make your garden glamorous year after year.

Are you looking for perennial beauty that will return year after year to your garden inDenver? Perennial flowers and vegetation are your ideal selection. Nick’s Garden Center has an extensive collection of Colorado-friendly, high-quality plants and flowers that look beautiful in your yard. Contact us for more information.


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