Annuals and Bulbs

Nick’s Garden Center is full of color all year long. We carry an incredible selection of annuals and bulbs to help you create the garden of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for common annuals that grow well in sun and shade like marigolds, petunias, and impatiens, or need flowering bulbs to add greenery without much hassle, we have a large assortment of plants and flowers to beautify your window boxes, garden, and yard.

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Our high-quality perennials add color and texture to your garden for several seasons. Nick’s wide selection of perennials means you’ll find the classic varieties you know and love as well as more rare and unique options. Our team of expert gardeners is always happy to help you pick the perennials that match your garden’s style. From drought-tolerant and spring blooming perennials to perennials that thrive in the shade, we offer the finest varieties throughout the year.

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Indoor Plants

Create your own indoor jungle with indoor plants from Nick’s amazing greenhouse. Our high-quality indoor plants are perfect for seasoned gardeners, beginners, or curious plant enthusiasts. Interested in crafting your own terrarium or decorating with air plants? We have the variety of houseplants, cacti and succulents, indoor bonsai trees, orchids, and more to make your home’s interior a magical sanctuary.

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Trees and Shrubs

Nick’s Garden Center offers an amazing array of trees and shrubs for all kinds of landscapes, yards, and patios. Whether you’re looking for flowering or ornamental trees, evergreen trees, flowering shrubs or ground cover shrubs, we have the inventory and knowledge to guide your selection. We take into account tree hardiness, growing season length requirements, disease susceptibility, and more to present you with options for which trees will thrive in your environment. Our expert team is skilled at finding the trees or shrubs to match your landscape’s unique needs.

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Edible Gardening

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs makes healthy eating, fun. Whether you’re planting in raised beds, in containers on your balcony, or window boxes outside your kitchen, Nick’s has the heirloom and common varieties of all your favorite veggies and herbs. Bring the kids into the garden with you to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. Our team’s excited to help you enjoy the tasty benefits of edible gardening.

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Garden Products

With Nick’s assortment of garden products and seasoned staff, maintaining your healthy garden and lawn just got easier. Consult with our expert team to troubleshoot growing challenges, pesky insect problems, or ask general questions about lawn care. We offer a wide variety of fertilizers, fungicides, weed control products, garden tools, soil amendments, and more for your yard and gardening needs.

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