Selecting Perennials for Your Garden

Perennials are great plants to fill your garden or yard with color and texture year after year. These flowers, grasses, and groundcovers go dormant in winter and bloom again from their roots the next spring or summer. Nick’s offers an incredible variety of perennials from common picks like yarrow, chrysanthemum, sage, and ornamental grass to more rare varieties. Work with our plant experts to design the garden of your dreams, including an array of beautiful perennials. Before selecting the perennials you want to plant in your garden, consider the following elements that will greatly influence the health and happiness of your new plants.

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Before selecting the varieties you’d like to plant in your garden, consider the following factors that will impact growing healthy, happy plants.


Get to know the natural light patterns in your yard by watching the sun’s movements across your garden for several days or a full week. This will impact what perennials will grow best in different areas of your garden. You’ll want to choose plants that thrive in full sun, eight hours or more of light, for areas that receive direct sunlight all day while areas with less direct sun will require plants that thrive in partial sun or shade.


With limited rain, it’s important to choose drought tolerant plants or be prepared to water your garden with higher frequency. Remember that soil absorbs water better when it’s delivered slowly. Especially when planting in Colorado, keep in mind the amount water your new plants will require.

Garden Design

Creating a plan for your garden will help you make smart choices about what perennials to buy, based on the location of each plant in your design. You might want to line walkways with lush sage bushes or select taller perennials to line the backdrop of a border of plants. Different perennials bloom at different times for different lengths of time, so consider mixing in a variety of plants for new growth and color throughout the season.

Planting and Caring for Your Perennials

Successful planting begins with rich soil. Consider doing a soil test for your garden in order to discover any amendments that would enrich the quality of your soil. Once your soil is ready for planting, dig holes that are as deep as the root balls of your perennials and make sure to allow for space between each plant. Water your freshly planted perennials regularly for the first few weeks, then only when the soil beneath the surface feels dry. Check in with Nick’s gardening experts as questions arise while you’re caring for your new perennials. Our team’s ready to help you troubleshoot concerns to get the most out of your garden experience.

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