Kalanchoe Hildebrandtii or Silver Teaspoons Plant Care

By December 30, 2021Blog Post
Blog Post
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You might have seen the Mile Marker boards that parents create for their children – they highlight things like the height, weight, likes, and dislikes of their child at various stages of life. We at Nick’s Garden Center think Plant Parents should have something like this for their Plant Babies as well! Our Plant Parent Chalkboard Photos and blogs will provide you with an overview of what each plant needs in order to “grow up” happy and healthy!

Kalanchoe Hildebrandtii, or Silver Teaspoons, is a member of the Crassulaceae family, just like its more well-known cousin, Mother Of Thousands. Silver Teaspoons is very different in appearance from Mother of Thousands, however. As the name suggests, Kalanchoe Hildebrandtii’s leaves are a very light gray in color, and shaped like spoons. Silver Teaspoons should be grown as a houseplant in our climate, as it will not tolerate our low winter temperatures. However, it can be moved outside into the sun in the summer for an extra boost. It can handle direct or indirect light, but like most succulents it does need plenty of bright light. Too little light will leave the plant “leggy,” which means that the leaves become more spaced out on the stem than is preferred. This does not hurt the plant, but does indicate a deficiency in the plant’s needs. If the plant does become leggy, prune it to encourage a more bushy shape (but never take more than 30% of a plant when pruning).

At its happiest, Silver Teaspoons can be expected to grow to about 36 inches tall, and will grow in a bush-type habit. It will also produce white bell-shaped flowers in Spring if it is very happy. Water Silver Teaspoons as you would most succulents – allow the soil to completely dry out before watering and don’t let the plant sit in water. Use a Cacti and Succulent soil and a pot that has good drainage. If your pot does not have adequate drainage, use a Moisture Meter to check the moisture level at the bottom of the pot before and during watering. If you happen to add too much water, gently turn the pot on its side and let some water drain out, but be careful to avoid dislodging the soil or the plant.

Kalanchoe plants are considered to be air cleaning, but they are not pet safe, so keep them out of reach of pets. Silver Teaspoons will tolerate dry air, so no humidity is necessary to keep it happy. Silver Teaspoons is also tolerant of varying temperatures as long as those temperatures don’t drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Because its nature as a succulent makes it tolerant of dry air, dry soil, and varying temperatures, we rate Silver Teaspoons as a plant that is perfect for beginner Plan Parents and Plant Parents who are often on the go and unable to commit to a rigorous watering schedule. If giving Silver Teaspoons as a gift, make sure the new owner is aware that it should be kept away from pets.

Place Silver Teaspoons in the midst of other houseplants that are bright or dark green in color to help add interest to a houseplant display and to make Silver Teaspoons pop!

Don’t forget to save our Plant Parent Chalkboard photo for a quick reference later on!


Happy Plant Parenting!