How to Winterize An Outdoor Fountain

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Winterize Your Fountain

1. Unplug fountain pump and be sure to protect the pump cord.

2. Remove all water from your fountain. If at all possible remove the pump from the fountain and store indoors. However, if your fountain is too large or you cannot safely remove your pump you can leave in the fountain as long as your fountain is covered. Freezing accumulated water in an uncovered fountain can destroy your pump when the water expands in freezing temperatures. Some manufactures have an easy to remove drain plug in each bowl you may need to pull out or unscrew for easy water removal.  It is also recommended that once your fountain is dry, you lay dry towels or dry burlap sacks in your fountain bowls to absorb any water that may enter.

3. Once your fountain is completely dry COVER it to prevent water accumulation. You can use a tarp secured with rope or Nick’s sells fountain covers in various sizes. No matter how you cover your fountain be sure it is securely tied to prevent it from blowing off. 

If your fountain is left uncovered, snow melt can accumulate and that water freezing and thawing can cause permanent damage to your fountain.

Fountain concrete is slightly porous and allows small amounts of water to be absorb into the fountain surface. When this moisture does freeze it can cause chipping in the fountains surface. In extreme circumstances a fountain vessel left full of water can be split in half by the water freezing and expanding inside.

One last note, it is also advised to remove any small finials from the fountain before covering, as they can easily be knocked off when pulling the cover on.

As always if you have any questions give Nick’s a call, we are here to help.  303-696-6657

This is a great video from Garden Answer on how to winterize your fountain


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