How to Grow and Care for Air Plants: Tillandsia Tectorum

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Caring for houseplants takes work. You have to water, prune, fertilize, and repot the plant often. However, you can avoid some of these care challenges with air plants; they do not need soil to thrive. Moreover, they do not need regular watering and fertilizing.

Tillandsia Tectorum is one of the most famous air plants for homes. This plant boasts silvery white leaves covered with dense trichomes that give the plant a unique velvety appearance. It is native to Peru and Ecuador and naturally thrives on rocks and outcroppings.

How to Care for Tillandsia Tectorum

Although Tillandsia tectorum is low maintenance, you must care for it. Otherwise, it will wither and eventually die. All in all, caring for Tillandsia Tectorum is easy-peasy with the following tips.

1. Watering

Tillandsia tectorum is watered once a week. Soak the air plant in water for 30 minutes. Afterward, remove your Tillandsia from the water and shake off the excess water. Place your air plant upside down on a towel so it dries completely.

2. Light

Tillandsia tectorum thrives well under direct sunlight. For this reason, you should place this plant near a window that receives the most sun. Preferably, Tillandsia tectorum should receive sunlight for at least half a day. If your home lacks sufficient natural light, keep the plant under a bright grow light.

3. Fertilizer

Tillandsia tectorum naturally grows on nutrient-poor surfaces. As such, it can thrive with little fertilizing. However, to support its health, fertilize the air plant once every one to two months. Use a complete fertilizer diluted to ¼ its strength.

4. Temperature

Tillandsia tectorum grows well within a temperature range that matches its native environment. Specifically, the air plant grows well in temperatures ranging between 10 °C to 27 °C. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can damage the air plant.

5. Humidity

Tillandsia tectorum thrives well in areas with moderate to high humidity levels. For this reason, you should grow this plant in spaces with a relative humidity level of around 50% or higher. You can keep the plant near a humidifier or mist it often to meet its humidity demands.

6. Air Circulation

Tillandsia tectorum thrives well in places with excellent air circulation. The air plant needs air circulation to disperse excess moisture from its trichomes. Without adequate air circulation, your Tillandsia tectorum would end up rotting.

Extra Tips for Owning the Tillandsia Tectorum

From choosing a healthy air plant to showcasing it, it is common to feel overwhelmed when planning to buy Tillandsia tectorum. Therefore, we have answered common concerns to let you buy and keep the air plant with confidence.

1. How to choose a healthy Tillandsia Tectorum

A healthy Tillandsia tectorum plant has bright, silver-grey leaves that are firm to the touch. Avoid plants with yellow or brown leaves, as those are signs of underwatering, nutrient deficiency, or dehydration.

2. How to display Tillandsia Tectorum

There are endless ways to display Tillandsia Tectorum. One of the most common is mounting the air plants on decorative surfaces like driftwood. Moreover, you can showcase this air plant in a glass terrarium. Place the terrarium on shelves, coffee tables, or window sill.

3. How to propagate Tillandsia Tectorum

Propagating Tillandsia Tectorum is straightforward. Get small offsets that grow at the base of the parent plant. Afterward, place the offsets in a place with adequate light and water and let them grow.

4. How to troubleshoot common problems

Like any houseplant, the Tillandsia Tectorum plant is prone to several issues. These problems can result from overwatering, inadequate light, and low humidity. The most common issues you’d encounter include:

  • Soggy leaves. The problem is a result of overwatering.
  • Browning leaf tips. Browning leaf tips result from under-watering or low humidity.
  • Failure to produce pups. This problem occurs when the plant gets inadequate light and nutrients.

Order Your Tillandsia Tectorum From Nick’s Garden

Tillandsia Tectorum is less common in traditional plant stores due to its high demand and specialized care requirements. However, plant collectors seeking this exquisite air plant in Denver can always buy from Nick’s Garden Center.

We offer healthy and well-cared-for Tillandsia Tectorum plants and many hard-to-find species. As an extra, we provide professional support to help you grow and care for your air plant.

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