Best Indoor Plants for Cleaning the Air and Providing Oxygen

By January 22, 2023Blog Post

Plants are grown for different reasons, such as food production and providing oxygen. The most common question that Nick’s Garden Center deals with is, “Which are the best indoor plants for cleaning and providing oxygen?” Nick’s Garden Center responds to this question by discussing the best indoor plants for cleaning the air and providing oxygen.  

9 Best Indoor Plants for Air Cleaning and Providing Oxygen 

The following is a list of indoor plants you can consider when looking for indoor plants that clean the air and provide oxygen. 

  • Spider Plant 

Spider Plant, also known as Chlorophytum comosum, is the best choice for people with little experience with plants. The spider plant does well when planted in indirect sunlight and grows in any environment. This plant is common because it can survive even in 2 degrees temperatures.  

  • Dracaena 

 The Dracaena plant can grow as tall as 15 feet. The plant is a good choice if you want a plant that can cover large spaces and voids. Dracaena thrives under indirect sunlight and should never be exposed to direct sunlight. The plant should be watered once a week during the warmer months, and you should be careful not to water it a lot, as too much water causes the roots to decay. 

  • Ficus 

The Ficus is a Southeast Asian native plant widely grown indoors. This plant can grow as tall as two to ten feet. Like most air purifiers, ficus thrives in bright, direct sunlight. It should be watered once a week and allowed to dry completely between each watering. 

  • Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a simple and low-maintenance plant. It has glossy green leaves that light up a room, particularly those with low lighting. The plant should be watered once a week and fertilized using a slow-release fertilizer in spring. This promotes the growth and production of the plant’s beautiful white flowers. 

  • Fern 

The plant, also known as the Boston fern, is easy to grow and highly preferred due to its sword-shaped fronds. The sword-shaped fronds make the plant ideal for pedestal planting. The Boston fern thrives in consistently moisturized environments.  

You should also place the plant in indirect sunlight near balconies, patios, and windows. During winter, reduce the fronds by about 2 inches to allow regeneration and growth in the warmer months.

  • Aloe 

Aloe Vera, also known as A. barbadensis, is a very common plant useful for its anti-inflammatory features and excellent air purifier. The plant helps in healing wounds and offering sunburn relief. Aloe vera thrives in warm environments that have good lighting. You know there is a high concentration of harmful chemicals in the plants when it develops brown spots on the leaves.  

  • Bamboo 

Bamboo Chamaedorea seifrizii can grow as large as twelve feet tall. The plant is ideal for acetaldehyde filtering and indoor decoration. Pets love the Bamboo plant, and it is among the few air-cleaning plants that can grow under direct sunlight. 

  • Philodendron 

This is a heart-shaped plant that adds a lush touch to indoor spaces. The plant is easy to take care of; you only need to water it moderately and place it under bright, indirect sunlight. 

  • Golden Pothos 

This plant is also referred to as Devil’s Ivy. Golden Pothos requires simple care and is ideal for combating common household toxins. Its cascading tendrils brighten any room with instant color. The plant thrives in hanging baskets, pots, and water. It is said that this plant is not easy to kill, making it ideal for newbies. 


Get the Best Indoor Plants for Air Purifying and Oxygen 

Whether you have experience growing plants or not, Nick’s Garden Center guides you accordingly in achieving all your indoor plant needs. Various ideal indoor plants purify the air and provide oxygen. Contact us for consultation and the best garden products.