The 12 Best Indoor Plants for the Brown Thumb

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Brown thumb plants are suitable for enthusiasts seeking low-maintenance indoor greenery. Unlike green thumb plants, the brown thumb variety tolerates irregular watering, occasional pest control, and low light intensity.

Nick’s Garden has suggested 12 of the best brown thumb plants you’d want to buy.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Plants as a Brown Thumb

A good brown thumb plant should have low water requirements. It should thrive despite irregular watering. Other essential factors that you should consider when buying plants for the brown thumb are:

  • Low maintenance requirements. Good brown thumb plants should be low maintenance. They shouldn’t require intensive pruning, pest control, and other specialized care routines.
  • Tolerance for Neglect. An excellent brown thumb resists common forms of neglect, such as irregular fertilization and low-light conditions.
  • Resilience to Common Issues. Great low-maintenance plants should tolerate issues like over- and under-watering and temperature fluctuations.

12 Indoor Plants for the Brown Thumb

From cacti and palms to succulents, there are many plants for the brown thumb. You can hardly miss a suitable species for your space. Some of the most popular options for homeowners in Denver, Colorado, are:

Snake Plant

The snake plant is characterized by its sword-shaped leaves with attractive patterns. As a brown plant, this variety has thick leaves that store water for use during a dry period. Furthermore, the snake plant can photosynthesize even under low light conditions.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant boasts glossy, dark green leaves arranged in a feathery pattern. This plant is a low-maintenance variety since it can survive under low light. The ZZ’s rhizomes store extra water, eliminating the need for frequent watering.


This climber has heart-shaped leaves with varying shades of green and speckled patterns. Its fleshy leaves and stems store enough water to keep the plant alive even with infrequent watering. The houseplant is resistant to pests, so it does not require regular spraying.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant has long, arching leaves with contrasting white or yellow stripes. Its leaves are adapted to photosynthesize under low light intensities. The spider plants have rhizomes that store water for use during dry days.

Cast Iron Plant

The visually appealing Cast Iron has glossy, dark green leaves that make for a lush sight. These thick, leathery leaves store water for use in dry periods. The plant is highly resistant to pests, a trait that reduces constant spraying.

Peace Lily

The peace lily’s dark green, glossy leaves and iconic white flowers add a striking visual appeal to ordinary spaces. Aesthetics aside, these houseplants have a slow growth rate, reducing the need for a steady supply of water and light.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen stands as a favorite houseplant due to its large, oval leaves, which form lush, attractive foliage. The plant has a slow growth rate, reducing the light and water needed for growth.


Dracaena has slender, upright stems with lush, vibrant foliage that instantly adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its succulent leaves store water to use when neglected. The ornamental plant is also adapted to using little light for photosynthesis.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has succulent leaves arranged in a rosette formation, adding charm to your space. The succulent leaves store enough water, so you do not have to water the plant frequently. Aloe vera is also resistant to pests.

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern stands out for its feathery fronds which give spaces a striking cosmetic lift. The ferns have a robust root system which helps them maximize water and mineral intake. Moreover, the fern has superb resilience to pest attacks.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant has glossy, dark green leaves which effortlessly add character to rooms. It tolerates dim or bright light, making it suitable for rooms with varying light intensity. In addition, the rubber plant takes infrequent watering, as its thick leaves retain water.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant features thick leaves and a tree-like appearance, making it a delightful addition to your space. The plant’s succulent leaves store extra water, enabling it to withstand infrequent watering. It can also thrive in poorly lit settings.

Revamp Your Space With Indoor Plants for the Brown Thumb

The demanding nature of raising houseplants should not discourage you from adding some to your space. Instead, you can opt for brown thumb plants that are low maintenance. They can handle infrequent watering, low light levels, and occasional pest control.

At Nick’s Garden Center, we offer a wide selection of these houseplants so you can choose the best for your space. Contact us to let our gardening experts transform your space with suitable greenery.