Large Flowering Shrubs & Trees

By December 3, 2018

At Nick’s we carry a wide variety of flowering shrubs that are suited for Colorado’s dry climate. These large shrubs will add color, fragrance, and character to your existing landscaping. We have the best selection in the Denver area, including speciality and hard-to-find species.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help find the right flowering shrubbery for your home and landscaping project.

Large Flowering Trees for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center

Flowering Shrubbery for Colorado Climates Include:


Lilac | Flowering Shrubs for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO


Lilacs’ fragrant flowers are traditional staple of many outdoor spaces. They come in a variety of sizes growing anywhere from 4’ to 12’ tall. The blossoms vary in color including purple, magenta, pink, white, blue, and even striped. Drought tolerant and hardy, a lilac is a great addition to any yard.


Ninebark | Flowering Trees for Colorado Climate | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO


Ninebark is a plant that is native to North America and grows fast. It has flowers that range from pink to white, shaped like tufts, and blooms in late Spring to early Summer. It’s dark ruffled foliage adds great texture and color contrast in the Fall when it turns to a pumpkin orange.


Viburnum Plant | Flowering Plants for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO


There are many varieties and species of Viburnum including the very popular Snowball Bush. Viburnum are very versatile shrubs and are able to tolerate a broad spectrum of soil, light, and moisture conditions.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon | Plants for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO

Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon is a very popular and easy to maintain shrub. It grows up to 8’ tall and has impressive flowers from Summer through Fall.

Service Berry

Serviceberry | Flowering Plants for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO


A Colorado native, these bushes have beautiful Fall colors along with fragrant, white flowers in Spring. They are drought tolerant and hardy. They vary in size and at maturity grow from 6’ to 10’ tall depending on variety. The berries are red and are a favorite for birds.

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (Cistena Plum)

Cistena Plum | Xeric Plants & Shrubs | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO

Purple Leaf Sandcherry (Cistena Plum)

One of the first shrubs to flower every year, this shrub is covered in pink flowers before the leaves come out. When the foliage grows in, the shrub is a showy solid purple color throughout the growing season, adding great color contrast to the rest of your yard. It is fast growing, reaching around 8’ tall. It’s easily shaped and maintained with regular pruning.

Availability of shrubs varies throughout the year, so contact Nick’s to see what we have in stock. We can help you find the perfect flowering shrub to complement your patio and landscaping.

Contact us or stop by the Garden Center and we’ll help you find the right large flowering shrubs for your patio!

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