Ground Cover Shrubs

By December 3, 2018

At Nick’s we carry a wide variety of ground cover shrubbery that is suited for Colorado’s dry climate. Ground cover shrubs will add depth and character to your existing landscaping. We have the best selection in the Denver area, including speciality and hard-to-find species.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help find the right ground cover for your home and landscaping project.

Ground Cover Plants | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO

Ground Cover Shrubs for Colorado Climates Include:

Spreading Juniper

Spreading Juniper | Ground Cover Plants for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO

Spreading Juniper

Junipers are a landscapers favorite to cover large areas with low growing shrubbery. Junipers are notoriously rugged plants that are tolerant of heat, drought, poor soil conditions, and even some foot traffic.

Coral Beauty Cotoneaster

Coral Beauty Cotoneaster

This low growing variety of Cotoneaster boasts prolific white flowers that give way to red berries and provide long-lasting interest during the growing season. They grow fast and cover ground quickly.

Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry

Sandcherry | Ground Cover Plants for Colorado Climates | Nick's Garden Center | Denver CO

Pawnee Buttes Sandcherry

A Colorado native, this variety of Sandcherry stays low to the ground, only growing about 18” tall. It is excellent for ground cover because a single plant can spread up to 6’. Like other Sandcherries, this shrub is drought tolerant and is easy to grow. It blooms with fragrant white flowers in the late Spring and glossy green foliage turns a mahogany red in the Fall.

Availability of ground cover shrubbery varies throughout the year so contact Nick’s to see what we have in stock. We can help you find the perfect ground cover to complement your patio and landscaping.

Contact us or stop by the Garden Center and we’ll help you find the right ground cover shrubs for your outdoor space!

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