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WE'RE PROUD TO OFFER A WARRANTY on items purchased at full price. Nursery stock purchased at our full retail price is warranted 100% for one full year following the date of purchase. The warranty is for ONE replacement only of a like item, or, at your option, a credit will be given for the amount paid that can be used toward any item we sell. (No warranty will be given for items purchased with this credit.) SORRY ABSOLUTLY NO CASH REFUNDS. No warranty on labor fees. SORRY NO WARRANTY ON Sale, discounted or wholesale items, perennials, roses, annuals, foliage plants, seeds, bulbs, water plants, live Christmas trees, or fish. No warranty due to owner neglect or acts of God. Warranty is not transferable to new owners.




New Mexico Green Chile Serves 6

Ingredients: 4 cups water 4 cups roasted & peeled chopped green Chile peppers 10 oz. canned tomatoes crushed with juice 2 cloves - fresh garlic minced 1/8 Cup bacon drippings or lard 1/8 Cup Flour Salt to taste 2lbs. Cubed cooked pork or meat of choice .

 Directions: In a dutch oven, heat bacon drippings until hot. Add flour until it looks like elmer's glue. You may not need all the flour. Brown flour until caramel brown; if you don't brown well enough, chile will look chalky. Add water, whisking until all lumps are gone. Add tomatoes with juice, chilies, garlic and salt. At this point, chile may still be too thick; add a little more water; not too much. Add meat and let Simmer for 10 minutes. Ta Da and Enjoy.

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