Creating Your Ideal Water Garden

Designing a water garden for your backyard will transform your outdoor space into a magical, relaxing oasis. Decide whether your water garden will be an in-ground pond or a large container garden that can sit on your patio or deck. Work with Nick’s experts to support your plan for either option of water garden. We have a rich selection of floating plants like water lilies and lotuses as well as submerged plants to enhance your water garden’s look and feel. Our team’s ready to help you determine the right water garden fit for your outdoor environment.

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More Features for Your Water Garden

Enhance your relaxing water garden with strikingly beautiful koi or goldfish. From May to June, Nick’s offers an incredible variety of koi and goldfish for your pond or water feature. Adding fish to your water garden will help keep your mosquito and bug population in check while replenishing the ecosystem with vital nutrients. Work with our water garden experts to determine the size and number of fish that will balance well with the size of your water garden.

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