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Nick's carries hundreds of species & varieties of shade trees suited for our climate including many difficult to find items!

Our popular selections include:

  • Autumn Blaze Maple

    Autumn Blaze Maple

    The Autumn Blaze maple combines all the great traits of a Silver Maple and a Red Maple. Fast growing 50-60’ tall and 35-45’ the blazing red fall color stands out in every landscape.

  • Autumn Purple Ash

    Autumn Purple Ash

    A large fast growing shade tree turns almost purple in the fall with interior leaves turning more yellow/orange making the fall color stand out even more. Mature height of 50-60’ and width of 35-45‘.

  • Honey Locust

    Honey Locust

    Honeylocust are durable drought tolerant trees with small leaflets making for an almost fernlike texture and dappled shade. Slightly smaller than most shade trees Honeylocust average around 35’ tall with similar width.

  • Greenspire Linden

    Greenspire Linden

    A perfectly pyramidal shaped tree grows moderately to 45’ tall and 35’ wide with dense foliage. Known for its sweet fragrance from summer blooms June - July. Linden have large heart shaped leaves and a bright yellow fall color.

  • Globe Willow

    Globe Willow

    Fast growing tree with small thin leaves and branches grow 40-50’ tall and similar width into a graceful umbrella shape. Highly adaptable to wet or dry conditions and poor soil.

  • Red Sunset Maple

    Red Sunset Maple

    Fire-engine red every autumn! Stunning in the landscape and great summer shade. Looks great in all seasons. In early spring, it produces dense feathery clusters of small red and yellow flowers. Summer leaves are medium to dark green.


Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various shade trees at particular times throughout the year.