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We carry hundreds of species & varieties of Medium Evergreen Trees suited for our climate including many difficult to find items!

Our popular selections include:

  • Hoopsi Spruce

    Hoopsi Spruce

    A variety of Blue Spruce the Hoopsi has been selected for its bright blue color and relatively smaller growth up to 30’ tall and 15’ wide.

  • Vanderwolf Pine

    Vanderwolf Pine

    A fast growing drought tolerant pine grows to 25’ tall and 15’ wide. Long soft needles have and interesting white stripe creating almost a grey green overall color and fine texture.

  • Columnar Spruce

    Columnar Spruce

    Different species of blue or green spruce have been selected to grow very narrow and upright reaching a max width of only 6-8’ and growing about 15’ tall making them ideal for smaller areas.

  • Upright Juniper

    Upright Juniper

    Junipers are known for being very resilient and drought tolerant. Varieties range in color and shape and size from very narrow and tall to shorter and wider making them ideal for a year round privacy screen in any area.

  • Arborvitae


    A softer needle than a Juniper but not as tolerant of sun or drought. Arborvitae can be used for privacy screen or to add soft evergreen color into Eastern or Northern exposures. Although most growers tags may say these plants are suitable for full sun Arborvitae will most likely show heavy stress in full sun in our climate.


Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Medium Evergreen Trees at particular times throughout the year.