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Nick's carries hundreds of species & varieties of Large Flowering Shrubs suited for our climate including many difficult to find items!

Our popular selections include:

  • Lilac


    Lilacs’ fragrant flowers are traditional staple of many landscapes. Growing anywhere from 4’ tall to 12’ feet tall and varying in flower color, from purple, to magenta, pink, white, blue and even striped. Drought tolerant and hardy, a lilac is a great addition to any yard.

  • Ninebark


    A fast growing North American Native with pink to white tufts of flowers in late spring to early summer. Its dark ruffled foliage adds great color and texture contrast turning to a pumpkin orange in the fall.

  • Viburnum


    There are many varieties and species of Viburnum including the very popular snowball bush seen left. Viburnum are very versatile shrubs, being able to tolerate a broad spectrum of soil, light and moisture conditions.

  • Rose of Sharon

    Rose of Sharon

    A low maintenance shrub growing to 8’ tall with impressive flowers from late summer through fall.

  • Service Berry

    Service Berry

    A Colorado native, these bushes sport beautiful fall colors along with fragrant white spring flowers. A drought tolerant and hardy shrub varying in mature size from 6’ to 20’ tall depending on variety. The berries are reddish and absolutely loved by birds.

  • Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (Cistena Plum)

    Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (Cistena Plum)

    One of the first shrubs to flower every year covering its branches in pink flowers almost before the leaves come out. When the leaves do come out the shrub is a showy solid purple color throughout the growing season adding great color contrast. Fast growing to 8’ tall and similar width but can be maintained shorter with regular pruning.


Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Large Flowering Shrubs at particular times throughout the year.