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Weed Prevention

Weeds, weeds, every where there are weeds!

Weeds in and around your trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers are not only unsightly; they can sap vital nutrients from the soil. Weeds can be easily controlled either by applying a pre-emergent product (before the weeds come up) or by using a post-emergent product (after the weeds are up).  Weeds can also harbor destructive insects and diseases. We carry an array of products to help rid your lawn of unsightly weeds. Many of these products are available in both a granule and liquid form for easy application. With all these options soon you will be weed free!

Featured Products:


  • Preen Garden Weed Preventer
  • Preen Garden Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food

Preen Weed Preventer stops weeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers and around trees and shrubs. Preen will not kill existing weeds. It will prevent new weeds from sprouting — eliminating the need for difficult and time‑consuming hand‑weeding. Without weeds, your valuable plants can grow larger and stronger. Your beds will stay neat and weed-free all season long

Preen Garden Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food works all season long! Unlike other weed killers and plant foods, one easy application prevents weeds up to 3 months and feeds your plants for beautiful color, foliage and strong roots to help avoid insects and disease. This product can be used anytime during the spring, summer, or fall in flower and ornamental garden beds, around ground covers, trees, and shrubs. Although this product will not kill existing weeds, it will prevent new weeds from sprouting – eliminating the need for difficult and time-consuming hand weeding. There is no chance of overfeeding or burning your plants when used as directed. Without weeds, your valuable plants can grow larger and stronger. Your beds will stay neat and weed-free all season long! 


ferti-lome, Hi-Yield, and Natural Guard products for your garden and indoor plants are sold exclusively through our select distributors like Nick's Garden Center & Farm Market. Unlike our competitors, you will NOT find our products sold at "big box" stores!
  • Corn Gluten Lawn Food
    Corn Gluten Lawn Food
  • For All Seasons II
    For All Seasons II
  • Indoor/Outdoor Multi Purpose Insect Spray
    Indoor/Outdoor Multi Purpose Insect Spray
  • Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper
    Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper
Corn Gluten Lawn Food 9-0-0 (30 lbs) - A by-product of corn processing containing a relatively high level of Organic Nitrogen. Will prevent the formation of germinating lawn grasses. Therefore, the product should not be used within six weeks before desireble grasses are seeded. May be used on established cool and warm season turf grasses including Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Bahia grass and Tall Fescue. Feeds Lawns up to 4 Months. 100% Slow Release Organic Nitrogen. Covers 3,000 Square Feet of Lawn Area. Homogeneous, Non-Burning Formulation.
For All Seasons II 16-0-8 (20 lbs) - Apply in early spring or fall 2 to 3 weeks prior to seed germination to obtain control of grassy and broadleaf weeds. For use on warm and cool season grasses. See back label for overseeding/reseeding restrictions. Controls Henbit, Oxalis, Poa Annua, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Foxtail, Purslane, Shepherd’s Purse, Prostrate Spurge, Knotweed and others listed on label. Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft. For best results, application should be followed by 1/2 inch of rainfall or irrigation.
Indoor/Outdoor Multi Purpose Insect Spray (11 oz) - Controls Fleas & Ticks on Dogs for 14 Days.  Controls Garden Insects.  Can be Used Indoors & Out. Controls Houseflies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Black Flies, Skipper Flies, Blow Flies, and small flying Moths, Cockroaches, Waterbugs, Palmetto Bugs, Silver Fish, Centipedes, Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Carpet Beetles, Bedbugs, Indian Meal Moths, Angoumois Grain Moths, Flour Beetles, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Rice Weevils, Granary Weevils and Grain Mites. Use on Livestock and their Premises.  Controls Pests for up to 4 Weeks.
Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper (35 lbs) - Use in ornamental landscape areas, established lawns and ornamental turf. Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other preemergence Crabgrass preventers. Provides superior control of Crabgrass and many other annual grass and broadleaf weeds.


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