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Retaining Walls

Add beauty and strength to any home or garden landscape project!

Featured Products:

Keystone garden wall

A do-it-yourself retaining wall tradition, Keystone Garden Wall is perfect for landscape walls up to 2' (60cm) high as well as tree rings, patio, lawn or sidewalk edging, and garden or flowerbed borders. Utilizing the rear-lip alignment method, Garden Wall easily builds straight, curved or terraced walls to fit the contours of your yard. No special tools are required.
$2.99 ea * Canyon Blend, Sierra Blend, Stonehenge, Walnut * 4"H x 12"L x 7"W  |  126 or more * $2.79 ea
Easy to Install
Keystone Garden Wall is lightweight and easy to handle. No special tools are required. Its secure, interlocking design makes installation as easy as 1-2-3.

Adds Beauty
Keystone Garden Wall has the natural complement of quarried stone and its earth tone colors blend with any landscape.

Offers Design Versatility
Keystone Garden Wall enables you to build straight, curved, or terraced walls to fit the contours of your yard.

Long Lasting and Durable
Keystone Garden Wall is made of high-strength, low-absorption concrete to provide permanent, environmentally safe walls that are virtually maintenance free.
  • Garden Wall Brochure
  • Keystone Ideabook

Keystone Insignia Cap

Keystone Insignia Wall and Cap blends rustic and modern aesthetics for an attractive contemporary look. Double-sided cap creates seamless finish to walls. Open-cored, lightweight and easy to install. Uses modular pin connection technology. Ideal for creating small/medium retaining walls, tiered walls and planters.
$3.49 ea * Tan / Charcoal or Red / Charcoal * 2.5"H x 12"/8.25"L x 7"W

Keystone Insignia Wall successfully blends rustic and modern aesthetics for an attractive contemporary look! More the just a pretty face, Insignia Wall brings strength and beauty to every hardscapes project!

Easy Installation:
Insignia Wall is open-cored, making each unit lightweight and easy to handle. Use of Keystone’s interlocking alignment pin systems simplifies installation and ensures a project’s durability.

A Redefined Classic:
Insignia Wall combines rugged texture with smooth lines and color to create a look that is both classic and

Design Versatility:
Insignia Wall allows for the construction of straight, curved, or terraced walls, up to 2’h (60cm), to fit the
contours of any landscape.

Lasting Performance:
Made from durable concrete, an Insignia Wall project is virtually maintenance free and, truly, built to last.

Perfect For:
Small/Medium Walls * Tiered Walls * Planters * Fire Pits * Natural Appeal & Design Flexibility

  • Insignia Cap Wall
  • Insignia Cap Wall