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Where is Nick’s Fall Fest located?

Nick’s is located East of I-225 just 2 blocks North of Iliff Ave on Chambers Road. Our address is 2001 South Chambers Road. We have a large parking lot to accommodate all of our guest’s vehicles.
Call for directions 303-696-6657 Click Here for Map

What are your hours of operation?

Nick’s Fall Fest is open 7 days a week. Starting October 3rd through October 31st. Our hours are Monday – Saturday 8am-6pm, and on Sunday we are open 9am-5pm. Last train and tractor Ride is at 5 minutes before close.

Is there an entrance fee for the Fall Fest?

We do not charge an entrance fee, however; anyone who would like to enjoy a trip on our train, our hayride through the Tunnel of Terror, Pedal Kart Course or the jumping castles will need to purchase tokens, or a pass for all 4.

Where do we purchase tokens or a pass for the rides?

Tokens and passes (allowing children to try all 4 ‘rides’) are available at the inside registers throughout the week, and on the weekends they will also be available at the snack station near the straw maze. Nick's Garden Express train ride costs 4 tokens. The Pedal Kart Course costs 4 tokens. The hayride through the Tunnel of Terror costs 4 tokens. The jumping castle costs 3 tokens. The cost of the tokens is $1 each, or you can save $3 by purchasing a pass for all attractions for $12. The straw mazes, professor pumpkin, games, and picture opportunities are all offered at no cost.

Should I book large parties/classes in advance?

Yes, we are taking party/class reservations at the inside registers or you may call us at 303-696-6657. We will need to know the number of children in your group as well as the date and time that you would like to visit us. The cost for each child will be $12 & will include a pass to: Ride the train, pedal kart course session, ride the hayride through the Tunnel of Terror, and 10 minutes of jumping time in one of our jumping castles.

Is there food &/or beverages available? Is there available seating for snack time?

Yes, Nick’s offers bottled sodas, juices, and waters available for purchase near the inside registers. We also have snack foods, and produce available for purchase. Nick’s Café will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the month of October. Our Café serves hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and other tasty treats. There is a picnic area set up near our restrooms that can be reserved during the week for parties/classes that have to be booked ahead of time. The picnic area will only be available on a 1st come 1st serve basis on the weekends.

How scary is the tunnel of terror? Is this ride ok for small children?

The Tunnel of Terror is designed for older children and may be a little too frightening for small children. We do offer a variety of fun entertainment for toddlers: One of our 3 jumping castles is for children 5 and under, we have a kiddie maze & play area, and Nick’s Garden Express Train Ride. Sorry no adults are allowed in the jumping castles. New for 2015 is Professor Pumpkin, a 3’ animated pumpkin telling stories off and on throughout your visit, so pull up a bale of straw have a seat it’s story time.

What are the prices of pumpkins at your location?

We have priced each of our pumpkins individually on the bottom of each one. The prices start as low as $1.29 for the ‘Jack B Little’ pumpkins, approximately $2-3 for the pie pumpkins, and $5-25 for all other pumpkins (we do have specialty pumpkins available as well).

We offer the following fun activities at our Fall Fest:

Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles  Jumping Castles

  • For Children 12 and under. Nick’s has 3 jumping castles 2 for the “bigger” kids and 1 for the little guys.
  • Great fun and Nick’s limits the amount of kids in castle at a time for a safe experience.
  • Each bouncer must purchase tokens

Pedal Kart Track

Pedal Kart Track
  • Our pedal karts will test your driving skills and your strength. Pedal past your friends and leave others in the dust.
  • Pedal Karts are for Adults and Children.
  • Children 6 and up to Adults.
  • Adults can also ride small children in child seat on Kart.
  • Each racer must purchase tokens

Nick’s Garden Express Train Ride

Nick’s Garden Express Train Ride

  • The train leaves the station for a ride around our garden center on our track-less train.
  • Adults and children are welcome to ride this non-scary attraction.
  • Each passenger must purchase tokens

Tractor Ride through the Tunnel of Terror

Tractor Ride through the Tunnel of Terror   Tractor Ride through the Tunnel of Terror

  • Climb aboard our wagons pulled by an antique tractor as we navigate our garden center to the entrance of the tunnel of terror.
  • The tractor ride will then enter the tunnel and your journey into a dark mystic realm begins... hold on it’s going to get bumpy and scary!
  • Each passenger must purchase tokens

Professor Pumpkin

New for 2015, this 3’ animated talking pumpkin welcomes you to his barn for quick stories throughout the day!

* FREE *

Straw Maze

Straw Maze

A fan favorite, our straw maze is not easy and will give you a fun challenge.

* FREE *

Games and Photo Opportunities

Games and Photo Opportunities  Games and Photo Opportunities
  • Nick’s offers an assortment of games and festive photo opportunities.
  • These include; bean bag toss, over sized tic-tac-toe, ring toss, and ball toss.
  • These games are available first come first served at our store.
  • Nick’s also has plenty of fun/festive cut-outs for fun photo opportunities.
  • Become a witch, monster, or vampire to mention a few.
  • Also, capture your day forever at Nick’s Fall Fest with a photo at our Pumpkin Set complete with bench to gather your family or group and year plaque hanging above.

* FREE *

Fall Fest Activities Prices

Purchase Tokens at Registers
1 Token = $1

Pedal Kart Course 4 tokens
Nick's Garden Express Train Ride 4 tokens
Tractor Ride Through Tunnel of Terror 4 Tokens
Jumping Castle session 10 mins 3 tokens

Nick’s Fall Fest Wristband $12: Includes 1 ride on the tunnel of terror, 1 ride on Nick's Garden Express train Ride,
1 jumping castle session, and 1 pedal kart course session. Wristband is $3 savings from purchasing rides separately.

Rules for Nick’s Fall Fest Attractions

Jumping Castle
No more than 10 children at a time in large castle and 5 children in small castle.
No Shoes
No Rough Housing

Train Ride
Keep hands and feet inside train at all times. Please not too may people in one caboose at a time, engineer will reseat you if too crowded. Wait for train to come to a complete stop before unloading as engineer will assist you.

Tractor Ride Tunnel of Terror
Consists of loud banging, dark spaces, flashing lights and scary sounds. It’s called the tunnel for terror for a reason. Every Child is different please use your own judgement if you want to allow your child on this ride.
Keep hands and feet inside Wagon at all times.
Stay seated until instructed to exit by driver.
Do not touch props.

Pedal Kart Course
No Bumping
No “spinning”out other riders
Stay in kart at all times until instructed
Slower Riders keep Right
Use Caution at all Times

Nick’s Garden Center Inc. is not responsible for any Accidents or Injuries, while you and or your children are on these premises.
Damaged or Broken items are the responsibility of the class and items must be paid in full before leaving.
Jump and Ride at your own risk.
Have Fun, Be Safe and THINK OF OTHERS

School Field Trips

Now Accepting Class and Group Reservations for Nick’s Fall Fest 2015

Nick’s Garden Center offers a great fall atmosphere for families and class groups to enjoy this amazing time of year with one of the best fall displays in town.

Our garden center is transformed into a “pumpkin patch” with entertaining rides and games.

Nick’s offers the following for your group’s amusement:

Tractor Ride through the Tunnel of Terror
Straw Maze
Three Jumping Castles
Nick's Garden Express Train Ride
Bean Bag Toss Game, Ring Toss Game and More
Great Photo Opportunities
Nick’s Pedal Kart Course
New for 2015
Professor Pumpkin: a 3’ talking pumpkin storytelling throughout the day.

$12 PER STUDENT - Self-Guided tour includes; straw maze, jumping castles, tractor ride through tunnel of terror, pedal kart course and Nick's Garden Express train ride. Children will receive a pie pumpkin of choice upon departure of Nick’s.



Bring Cameras for photo opportunities. Picnic tables are available if you wish to bring your lunch.

* No Charge for Teachers and each chaperon per 10 students
* Adults/Parents and Children not part of class or group are required to purchase tokens for rides at register

Each child will receive a wristband which is good for:

1 Train ride
1 Session on our pedal kart Track
1 Tunnel of Terror Tractor Ride
1- 10 minutes session in jumping castle
Unlimited Straw Maze,story from Professor Pumpkin and Games
Call Nick’s today to schedule your Fall Fest Field Trip (303) 696-6657
Information Needed: School Name, Number of Students, Contact Person, Contact Number and Arrival time

Tips for an organized arrival at Nick’s Fall Fest

Upon arrival organize your group in our entrance pavilion
Send a teacher into greenhouse to check your group in. At this time Nick’s will accept payment and issue your wristbands for access to all attractions.
After a teacher has checked in he or she can distribute wrist bands to kids. It is best to divide class into groups of 10 for each attraction with a chaperon.
Upon exiting Nick’s has a designated are for each class/group to receive their pie pumpkin.
Ride Price al a carte
Train Ride: $4
Tractor Ride: $4
Pedal Karts: $4
Jumping Castle: $3

Please feel free to email us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.