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Half Hardy Annuals

Half Hardy Annuals

these plants can tolerate very cold temperatures but no direct frost. This means that if it snows or frosts they will need to be covered. Plants that won’t tolerate the cold will not be saved simply by being covered.


Also called Pot Marigolds these flowers grow 1-3’ tall and look similar to their namesake with many small petals creating a ruffled look in yellows and oranges. This flower attracts humming birds and butterflies and is also highly prized for its many herbal remedies often sold as oils.


This relative of the tobacco plant produces large trumpet shaped fragrant flowers. It’s size can vary from inches to feet but all varieties mix well producing a mix of pinks, whites and reds. They also attract humming birds and butterflies to the garden.


What can be said about these long time garden denizens in a short description? Simply that their profuse trumpet like flowers have been developed to come in almost every texture and color from fluffy double pinks to obsidian black. Being a staple of the garden they are great for uses in beds, baskets, pots, containers, and every other creation that calls the garden home.


This easy to grow annual is tolerant of hot dry places and is great for the beginning gardener. It produces clusters of pink, red, or white flowers on stalks that pop up above the foliage reaching 1-2’. Also great for a hummingbird and butterfly attractant.

Salvia Victoria (Sage)

This plant is tough and will produce spikes of dark blue/purple flowers and handle the hot and dry conditions we have in Colorado in stride. It is in the mint family and will grow quickly to around 18” tall. Effective in flower beds for texture contrast or in mass planting.

Salvia Greggii (Sage)

Producing more delicate looking flowers than its cousin it still retains the same tough traits withstanding both heat and drought. This plant will produce an array of different colors as well as combinations of whites, pinks, purples, and reds.


These fragrant annuals burst forth with dense flower “stocks” 1-3’ tall. early and will continue blooming until the heat of summer. These flowers are great for cutting, borders and adding that great color early in the spring when it is still too cold for other bedding plants.

Verbena Canadensis

A low growing tough plant that is easy to grow for beginners. Although hardy in warmer climates it is considered an annual in most of Colorado. It stays low and can spread but will continue to produce flowers throughout the growing season.
Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Annuals at particular times throughout the year.