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What Are The Brown Patches In My Lawn?

Colorado lawns are plagued by many difficulties. More often than anything else brown patches in random circles, spots or blotches are caused by different varieties of fungi. What Are The Brown Patches In My Lawn?Normally there is nothing you did wrong to get these pathogens besides living in a neighborhood. They are spread by animals and insects and without fail someone around you has the same problem. Most of these are easy to treat with either a granular or liquid fungicide. F-Stop by Ferti-lome is a simple and easy granular treatment. Nick’s also carries a liquid Systemic Fungicide that is ready to spray or in the concentrate. These treatments work best when the application is repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Other causes of yellow or patchy grass could be from pet urine or uneven sprinkler coverage. These look different from fungal outbreaks. Pet spots will turn bright yellow before dying and usually have a dark ring of longer grass around them. Not much can be done to avoid pet spots but there are some treatments available to help prevent the grass from dying completely. Uneven or poor sprinkler coverage is usually identifiable because they are larger areas. These areas will usually have a round border where a sprinkler hits or will have a definite line where the greener area is shaded by a tree or house. In this instance there is a small slope which will make a lawn require more water. The solution to this problem is simple: more water. If that is not an option additives like Revive may be used to allow your lawn to better utilize the water it does have.

If you need help diagnosing problems with your Colorado lawn then you can always bring in a picture and a sample of your dying grass or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our nursery professionals are always on hand to help!

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