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Three easy-to-install sizes

Disappearing Fountains are a great way to add the sound and movement of water to your garden!

Please call us for price and availability at (303) 696-6657

Disappearing Fountains

Step 1

Disappearing Fountains

Choose Your Decorative Pot, Statue or Stone Column

Granite and Basalt pieces will last forever. Unglazed pottery come in earth tones, and have a 1-5 year life expectancy. Glazed Pots and Cast Stone Statuary come in numerous sizes, shapes, and color plus have a 20+ year life expectancy. Once a decorative piece is selected the appropriate sized basin can be selected.

Step 2

Disappearing Fountains

Choose Your Water Basin

 Although you may be tempted to opt for a smaller reservoir due to space, labor and cost considerations there are some good reasons to go with a larger reservoir.

*  The larger the reservoir the greater volume of water it can hold and the less often you need to re-fill it.

*  Tall pieces 4’ or higher need a bigger box, water droplets have farther to fall and tend to splash out of the reservoir.

*  Larger reservoirs give you the opportunity to add additional pieces to your fountain display.

*  Larger reservoirs allow for a greater water flow creating more water "Harmony".

Step 3

Choose Pump & Accessories

*  Correct Pump size is quite important in creating the desired water effect.

*  Copper piping can also create an elegant touch in larger pot fountains allowing water to flow above the water surface.

*  Stone to disguise the water basin is the final touch allowing a seamless transition into the landscape.