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Birdbaths are a great way to attract birds into your landscape providing them a much needed source of water!

All birdbaths Nick’s Garden Center has available are made of concrete or clay. Concrete birdbaths are stately and offer great detail and come in an array of styles to compliment any landscape. Clay birdbaths are available in bright solid colors, and even hand painted styles offering a one of kind art piece for your yard.

Birdbaths made from concrete and clay are best stored with the bowl upside down in winter. In the winter, Pooling snow melt freezing and thawing can crack or chip the surface of your birdbath. If you do choose to keep your birdbath out during winter Nick’s offers and recommends using a birdbath heater. This will allow water to be kept in the birdbath when birds are most in need of a drink or rinse as other water sources are frozen. Please keep in mind a birdbath heater requires an outlet to operate.

Please Browse the
Campania Bird Bath Collection
& call us at (303) 696-6657 for availability

Nick’s DOES NOT stock ALL of the items listed in the catalog below although many are available in our store! SPECIAL ORDERS are available March through July on any item as long as it is in stock from the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that we may be out of stock of various bird baths at particular times throughout the year [please call us for availability at (303) 696-6657]