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different types of bulk mulches to fit all of your gardening & landscaping needs!

Our bulk mulches are sold by the full and half yard:

bulk mulches that we currently offer:

Nick's Shredded Cedar Mulch & Cascade Cedar Mulch

This mulch is double shredded and when put down properly provides a colorful ground cover that is safe for plants, pets and children.  These mulches are very resistant to wind and perfect for the gusty areas here in Colorado.  Like other cedar mulches, Nick's cedar mulches have that deep aromatic cedar scent that our customers love.

Second Harvest Red, Brown & Coffee Brown Mulch

Second Harvest Brand Mulches are made from recycled wood products, which are ground up, then colored. This provides a colorful ground cover that is safe for plants, pets and children. Second Harvest Mulch will outlast traditional bark products and maintain its color for years and is the colorful, economical alternative to traditional bark products.

Why Use Mulch?

  • Wind Resistant, Water Retention, Weed Control
  • Aesthetically Pleasing, Adds Organics, Better Plant Growth
  • Insulates Plants From Extreme Temperatures

We have your favorite potting soils & composts whether you're planting in a container or in the ground.  Over a dozen different types & colors of bagged rock available for pickup.

We have several varieties of bagged mulch, bark & other soil covers too!

Coverage Chart For mulch


Use the chart below to calculate how much mulch you will need for your project.
* [These are approximate for mulch sold by the yard] *

One yard Of mulch Will Cover:

300 square feet 1" deep
150 square feet 2" deep
100 square feet 3" deep
75 square feet 4" deep
60 square feet 5" deep
50 square feet 6" deep
25 square feet 12" deep
Above approx. for mulches that are sold by the cubic yard.


*** NOTE:  The actual colors of our mulch, compost & soils may vary from our pictures according to the time of year and age of the product.  Variations in shade are to be expected.  Because pictures cannot precisely convey the feel and color of the actual product, we urge you to come down to Nick's to view our display showcase and actual samples in-person.

Nick's offers delivery throughout Aurora and the metro area for your convenience - - - or bulk products are available for pick up any time. Nick's will load bulk mulches into your pickup within the weight limits. We only use a front-end loader to dump bulk mulches and do not load it by hand into a van, box-truck, or other vehicle without an open bed.

Delivery Time: Everyday our trucks run until all scheduled deliveries are complete. We give you an approximate time for your individual delivery.  However we cannot guarantee the time as there are too many variables that influence the delivery and are beyond our control.  Upon scheduling your delivery a Nick's associate will give you an hour window when you can expect your goods that will be very accurate.

Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Bulk Mulches at particular times throughout the year.